Faja short levanta cola Up Lady Ref 6129

  • Fajas Up Lady. With a dash of style, UP lady has designed amazing products with all the features clients love.

  • The soft-touch of ultimate fabrics that give the body all the comfort, and safety that it needs.

  • Our products are created to meet all customers' needs and of course.

  • They will be the ideal key to help you improve your body.


Fajas Up lady

  • Brazilian Butt Lift

  • This girdle helps to improve posture.

  • Our faja short offers ideal tummy control to help mold and shape troubled areas.

  • It also gives the body a natural butt lifting effect.

  • Thanks to its design this shapewear will go unnoticed under any clothing.

  • The ideal open gusset.

  • small waist and wide hips

  • Our products are for intimate use, therefore and for hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or changes on it.