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Fantasy BBL wasp waist girdle 2512

Comfortable mid-thigh post-surgical girdle with a high back, full coverage, wide adjustable straps and a large crotch opening with a convenient back hook-and-loop sheath. It comes with 4 lines of hooks on the abdomen that...

Fantasy BBL wasp waist girdle 2510

Our comfortable post-surgical girdle is the perfect length, with a full-coverage high back, wide adjustable straps, and a large crotch opening with a hook-and-loop back cover (making it easy to go to the bathroom without...

Short butt lifter girdle Up Lady Ref 6129

Find here the best soft-touch girdles with the latest generation fabrics, which give the body all the comfort and security it needs. This brazilian butt lift short girdle improves posture and offers tummy control and...

Fantasy BBL wasp waist girdle 2040

Fantasy BBL girdles, beautiful and comfortable post-surgical garment, up to mid-thigh with full coverage on the upper back. It has wide adjustable straps and a large crotch opening with a sheath that hooks up in...

Post-surgical girdle Uplady BBL Ref 6189

This girdle adapts to your body providing compression in the most important areas such as your abdomen, waist, hips, back and legs. In addition, its shape includes the latest buttock lift technology, offering you a...

Knee-length girdle breast free Up Lady Ref. 6172

High compression girdle with knee-length design, ideal for daily use. Featuring adjustable straps, an open bust, and 2-position hook-and-eye closures at the front. Reinforced abdomen in double fabric to achieve an hourglass figure. CHANGES This...

Prada BBL Post-Surgical Girdle Ref. 09272

Post-surgical girdle for daily use during the first weeks of the postoperative period, this girdle contributes to the elimination of liquids and that the body does not retain more, its effect is anti-inflammatory and prevents...

BBL guitar body girdle Shape your Body Ref. O-215

Our Colombian girdle, guitar body helps you shape, firm and reduce those measures of more. This girdle with structure is for postoperative and postpartum use and is designed with intelligent fabrics that contain natural elements...

Fantasy long girdle with sleeves ref 2044

Long girdle with sleeves and built-in bra, with different levels of adjustment for greater compression. A comfortable garment with the ideal length to highlight your figure and optimize surgical results . DETAILS 4 fastening levels...

Girdle fantasy hourglass Ref 306
$150.00 $180.00

  BBL long girdle free breasts with arms This garment helps shape your buttocks Conceals annoying fat rolls on the back. Control and shape your abdomen. It comes small waist and wide hip Define your...

Fantasy hourglass girdle Ref 306A
$130.00 $165.00

Fantasy BBl girdles. Daily use High quality powernet fabric to mold properly. Soft Lycra inside for greater comfort and freshness. It defines the waist very well in two sizes less. Tail enhancement in two more...


Fajas Fantasy BBL, beautiful and comfortable post-surgical garment, up to the middle of the thigh with a bra and a complete coverage in the upper back. It has wide adjustable straps, perineal zipper. It comes...

Meet Fantasy Lingerie

  • Our history

    Fantasy Lingerie was founded in 2002 with the purpose of helping people look good and feel good, since then we have helped multiple people looking to improve their physical appearance whether for aesthetics or health.

  • Quality

    Providing quality, variety and comfort through our line of products made in the best Colombian factories.

On sale

Salomé butt lifter girdle 0520
$85.00 $110.00

High compression girdle on the torso, waist and abdomen to create a natural buttock lifting effect. Made of Powernet on the outer layer with a 100% cotton inner lining and hypoallergenic fabric, providing maximum comfort...

Salomé liposculpture upper back girdle 529
$85.00 $125.00

Liposculpture girdle with high back and buttocks opening. Made in Powernet that provides high compression controlling your waist, abdomen and hips. Its hypoallergenic cotton lining will make you feel more freedom and comfort in every...

Short strapless girdle with flannel Salomé 0527
$80.00 $110.00

Strapless liposculpture girdle with opening in the buttocks and removable straps, it is made of Powernet for greater compression and with a hypoallergenic cotton lining that provides convenience and comfort. Many women wear this garment...

Panty girdle butt lifter Salomé 0415
$63.00 $90.00

Known as the Colombian Body Shaper, this girdle instantly molds and reduces your waist several centimeters, with a hypoallergenic cotton lining, collects the thickness of the back and corrects your posture, it also helps you...

Panty girdle butt lifter Salomé 0416
$63.00 $90.00

Fajas Salome offers this high compression butt lifter girdle, made with Powernet and a hypoallergenic cotton lining inside. This girdle will give you the hourglass figure you are looking for, smoothing your abdomen and enhancing...

Panty girdle butt lifter Salomé strapless 0414
$63.00 $90.00

Fajas Salome offers a high compression body shaper made with Powernet and a hypoallergenic cotton lining inside, providing the hourglass figure you are looking for, smoothing your abdomen and enhancing your hips and bust. Perfect...

Latex waistband with zipper Romanza Ref. 1042
$55.00 $65.00

Latex waistbands for women, covered inside with spandex cotton that prevents discomfort and allergies, protecting your skin. Latex is a natural product that generates perspiration, effectively reducing waist and abdomen measurements. . CHANGES This garment...

Girdle vest in latex Romanza 1016
$55.00 $70.00

This waistband is designed in maximum compression natural latex, with a reducing effect that helps to immediately shape the abdomen and waist. It has a thermal effect that increases sweating, eliminating toxins and burning fat,...

Salomé butt lifter girdle 418
$50.50 $85.00

Short strapless girdle that compresses the torso, waist and abdomen creating a natural buttock lifting effect. Made in Powernet on the outer layer for greater compression and an inner cotton lining for your comfort, with...

Romanza waistband Ref. 1014
$45.00 $55.00

Use our waistband to achieve a "wasp waist" and a flat stomach. Made of maximum compression natural latex, ideal for exercising, as thanks to its thermal effect, it increases sweating, eliminates toxins and helps burn...