Haby 21618 shaping panty
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  • Descripción

    This elegant and beautiful Shaping Panty will become your ally when it comes to looking good. Do not be afraid of that skirt you have saved. It's time to use it!

    Do you want to know a secret? The Haby Shaping Panty is everything you need to instantly look amazing!

      • This modeling Panty has been made with the highest quality materials and the latest technology, which allows it to offer you different benefits that you will love immediately. Its seam at the back will help you lift your buttocks, which in turn will have a leg-lengthening effect. In addition to this, the strip located in the front of these pantyhose has a medium compression level, and being high-waisted, they will contain your lower abdominal area, improving your appearance at the moment and allowing you to wear those garments that you like so much, but that you have forgotten in the bottom of your closet.

        The modeling Panty also fulfills a function of reducing measures in the long term if it is used on a regular basis. Thanks to its shape and construction, it will help you lose weight in the lower abdomen, hip areas and even those uncomfortable bunnies.

        These beautiful shaping panties are available in beige and black, so you can combine them with your outerwear in the way you prefer.
    • This garment is for intimate use, for this reason and for hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or changes in it, please check your size well according to the brand and the size guide that is in the product photos, if If you have any questions write to us and we will solve it.

  • Información adicional
    Vendor: Fantasy Lingerie NYC
    Color: BLACK, BEIGE
    Size: L, XL, M
    Weight::  1.0 lb